As a long time jam-maker and urban dweller, founder Jackie Kolber enjoys nothing more than getting out of the city to take a summer day trip to a u-pick orchard just a few hours from her home in Chicago. Returning with all that bounty - we’re talking bushels of peaches, because who can stop with just one? - Jackie discovered the best way to preserve it was to actually preserve it.

With a background in culinary arts, Jackie embraced the time-honored traditions of canning, or “putting up.” Over time, she tweaked her jam and preserve recipes to reflect a more modern palate with twists on classic flavors that inspire feelings of nostalgia. As she developed her signature recipes, she was lucky to have a built in test-group with her foodie friends and marketing co-workers who, as she often says, love afternoon snacks and the opportunity to share an opinion (it takes one to know one).

She decided to turn her hobby into a business when she had the “aha” realization that her three-year-old niece and 60-something-year-old father had the same favorite food - peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

Special thanks to Lauren Pettersen for lending her graphic design expertise!